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"We have been going to Destiny Kennels for about a year now and we are extremely pleased with the service that we receive.

Our dog, Rocky, is a 2 year old black Labrador that can really be a handful sometime but at Destiny Kennels he fits right in. We know that when we leave Rocky at the Kennel, he is well treated and we really trust the owners and staff. Our dog is always excited when we are on the way to the Kennel and we wouldn’t leave our dog anywhere else."

Christina Gauthier for Rocky






"For his first time at Destiny Kennels, Symba (our 9-year-old Golden) stayed for a week.

What a joy to know he was in good hands in a safe and, above all, clean place! I highly recommend Destiny Kennels. Rest assured that your pet will be treated like one of Destiny’s own family dog!

Can’t wait for our next family vacations, knowing we will be able to leave our dog in a safe place! Thank you for your warm reception and your organization."

Anne DomPierre for Symba





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"Nika, our 22-month-old chocolate lab, had her very first stay at a kennel (Destiny) in spring of 2011. Nika is a house dog. I was worried that she would be stressed. The kennel is very different (smell, other dogs, concrete).

The main reason why we continue to use Destiny Kennels? One word - Joey. He truly cares about our dog. (Thanks Joey!)

We have used one other kennel, Eastway Kennels. We used this kennel for 2 reasons.
a. It is on our way to Montréal
b. They have more flexible drop off/pick up hours

We may use Eastway again in similar circumstances, but our main kennel is Destiny.

We have referred Destiny kennels to our friends. The top reason is peace of mind. The owners are great and our dog loves staying there."

Kyla Sveinson and Pierre-Luc Champagne, Aylmer






"Having recently moved to Gatineau, I did not have my family anymore to look after my baby Boxer Mia during my travels, and I did not like the idea of leaving her in a kennel. I had used kennel services once in the past and Mia looked so pitiful when I picked her up that I had bad memories of the event.

That is until one of my colleagues told me about Destiny Kennels and the excellent service he had for his Labrador. So I brought Mia there a couple of times. I found the place very clean and the owners very accommodating.

I was scared at first to leave Mia, especially since she is blind and requires a little more attention than healthy dogs; but since I discovered Destiny Kennels, I leave in confidence.

The employees are very nice and their love for the animals shows through the way they talk about Mia when I come to pick her up. But above all, Mia doesn’t have that pitiful look she did before.

She’s all jolly and even seems to have enjoyed her stay at Destiny Kennels.

Thank you!"

Caroline Proulx for Mia




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Toby Balto

"Toby and Balto"

"We have been Destiny Kennels’ customers for more than 8 years. We have two dogs: Tobby (6 years, Shepherd German / Labrador) and Balto (9 years, Poodle).

Our main concern at the idea of leaving our dogs in a kennel was the possibility for them to go out during day, given that they are often there for a 2-week period. We also wanted a clean place where our dogs would be treated well. Besides, we wanted them to be together.

Destiny Kennels is really a place where my dogs enjoy their stay and it shows when they come back home. They are calm when they return, not anxious. I have been with Destiny Kennels for a long time, however I am more satisfied with the new administration because my dogs can go out during their stay and that makes a huge difference to me.

I have several reasons to recommend Destiny Kennels but here are the main ones:
·    Cleanness of the place
·    Easy accessibility
·    Attentive listening to the animals’ needs (medications, habits ...).

Thank you so much!!"

Catherine Roussin, Aylmer





"Dear friends of Destiny Kennels,

Our dog Bieautie is a 5-year-old Great Dane. Up until last year, we also had a Labrador.
We’ve been doing business with Destiny Kennels for 6 years. Of course, we want our dogs to receive good care and to have their needs met when we are away.

We were always concerned about lack of exercise but now that they have a place to run and stretch their legs, we are very happy.

Destiny Kennels is located nearby, the cost is affordable and the services provided are adequate. Besides, they know us and they always find a way to accommodate us when we need their services.

We switched kennels and chose Destiny because of the cost and the availability. I used to pay more but there was not always room for our dogs. The #1 reason why I would recommend Destiny Kennels: their customer service, for both canine and human clients.

Thank you for everything and see you soon."

Elise and Sean on behalf of Bieautie




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Luna and Penny

"Luna and Penny"

"We're the type of owners who REALLY dread leaving our dogs behind when we go on a vacation - we need to know they're in good hands while we're gone or else we have the hardest time enjoying ourselves.

Our vet, as well as a few friends, suggested we try the Destiny Kennels in Luskville and since we have, 2 years ago, we can finally leave stress-free!

Penny and Luna, our two border collie/samoyed mixes, who are 3 and 4 years old, are happy campers when we get back from our trips. Plus, we now have the option to ask for some play time in the play area, which is a MUST for border collies!

Its just so great to know that our two sweethearts are in a secure, comfortable, clean and loving environment!

Thanks Joey and Natasha for your hard work and dedication to our furry friends! Sincerely, Eve & Eric"

Have a great night and, actually, see you tomorrow!"

Eve Desmarais




"My dog Sergent, a 3-year-old boxer-lab, and I have been customers of Destiny Kennels for 3 years. I have no worries leaving my dog in this kennel since service is very good and the place is very well maintained.

he play area for the animals is great also.

I mostly use their services during my vacations. I chose the Destiny Kennels because of the price, but especially for the service and the location.

If I had to recommend their services to a friend or to a family member, the  #1 reason is that the dogs are very well taken care of and that they do not come back home with a stressed-out dog smell."

François St-Jean, Luskville




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Morgane Syrah

"Morgane and Syrah"


I am the owner of two dogs, Morgane (11-year-old Labrador) and Syrah (7-year-old Griffon Khortal), and I am a satisfied customer of Destiny Kennels, have been for 7 years.

As much as I love my dogs, I am also a frequent traveler.

Therefore, I must have my two dogs looked after 2 to 5 times a year, for periods of 2 to 4 weeks.

For me, the most important thing in choosing a kennel is knowing that my dogs are safe so I can travel worry-free, and Destiny Kennels gives me that peace of mind.

The kennel is clean, has a nice indoor temperature and my dogs are perfectly healthy at each of my returns.

Finally, Joey and Natasha are easy to reach and they always do their best to try and accommodate particular timeframes. For me, this flexibility is worth a lot.

So I am a satisfied customer!
Thanks to the Kennel’s Team"

Isabelle Gagnon, Gatineau (Aylmer)





"Sam is a beige\abricot Royal Poodle of three and a half years. I have used Destiny Kennels’ services since I adopted Sam, one year ago.

He was two and a half years old then. When I adopted Sam, he was a timid and anxious dog (especially around men) and spent days and nights in a cage. At home, there are no cages and I did not know how he was going to react in a kennel environment.

From the first stay, I realized that even if Sam was happy to see again me, he had a jolly attitude with Joey.

This surprised me because he was usually scared of men.

When I went back with him, he seemed comfortable. Of course, the other dogs barking when we arrive intimidated him a bit and that’s why I appreciate the arrival/departure schedule, which makes sure to minimise that impact.

I did not use other kennels with Sam and I hope I’ll never have to. I have already recommended the kennel to friends who use it.

Reason #1?

The owners and employees of the kennel are attentive to the well-being of our animals and I am sure that Sam is treated with kindness in an appropriate environment.

I also appreciate "à la carte" services provided by the kennel."

Pauline Fortin, Gatineau (Hull area)




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"I have been bringing my dog Guinness (Irish Setter, 9 ½ years old) to Destiny Kennels for 3 years, since I moved.

I was mostly worried that Guinness would get bored in a kennel, but up to now, I got good service from Destiny Kennels.

I would recommend the Kennel to a friend or a family member because I think that the animals are well treated."

Pierre Potvin





"My name is Roger Tremblay. I live in Hull, and I am the proud owner of Cashu, a 5-year old Shnauzer/Bichon. We've been customers of Destiny Kennels for more than 4 years.

The main concern I had when I was thinking of leaving Cashu in a kennel was the way the other dogs would treat him. I am very happy with Destiny Kennels' excellent services, great flexibility and very competitve pricing. Moreover, all the dogs get to play together outside.

I would be happy to recommend Destiny Kennels to my friends and family members for a lot of reasons, but my #1 reason is their competitive pricing."

Roger Tremblay, Hull




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Chewy Toulouse

"Chewy and Toulouse"

"There is always a lot of organizing and stress that goes into planning for a vacation.

However, one thing that we don't have to worry about is to know that our dogs will be well looked after at Destiny Kennels.

Located just a few minutes from our residence in Aylmer, they offer great service at a convenient and beautiful location.

It's nice to know that we can bring our dogs to a trustworthy kennel knowing that they will be well taken care of.

We’re looking forward to going away on future vacations with that in mind.

Thank you for the great service."

Samantha, Toulouse


"Billy, Sam and Mia"

"For some years, my family and I travel a lot and we were searching for an affordable and clean place to take care of my three Labradors.

This kennel is very well set up to accept our companions. They can come in or go out as they please to do their little business, to take some fresh air or to have a rest outside when the weather is nice since they each have their own kennel.

Some kennels can accomodate two large pooches. A playground is available for them to stretch their legs and to spend their energy.

People live on location and make regular rounds to check on the health, hygiene and security of our beloved animals. I leave for a holiday or on weekends with peace of mind, and find my dogs in quite a happy mood when I return.

I recommend this kennel to all the people who are searching for a tremendous place to take care of their animals.

There are many kennels in the Outaouais region but after trying most of them out, this one is the most comfortable and the most affordable."

Sylvie Malouin




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Bailey Bella


"Bailey and Bella"

"I have been bringing my dog or dogs, Bella and Bailley (both 5 years old, Italian Mastiff and Miniature Schnauzer) at Destiny Kennels for the last 5 years.

My main concern about leaving them in a kennel is that I wanted them to feel happy and make sure that they were well looked after.

Each time I bring my dogs to the gate, I look for a reaction: they always seem very happy to be there and they don't appear to be stressed or unhappy that I am leaving them.

kennels are always clean and they provide a very large cage so my dogs are able to stay together which, I think, makes them feel less lonely.

Destiny Kennels is the only kennel I have used and I am very happy and would not look for another one.

If I were to recommend their services to a friend or family, the #1 reason would be that my dogs are well cared for and are not afraid of going."

Tina Berretta, Luskville









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