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Boarding (Dogs and Cats)

The services includes: a personal enclosed area inside and a personal enclosed area outside.

Any animal that exhibits aggressive behaviour towards humans or that carry some form of illness will be refused.

All animals must arrive on leash.

Upon arrival at the kennel, the owner must present the vaccination certificats for the following:

  • Distemper-hepatitis
  • Parainfluenza
  • Parvovirus
  • Bordetella
  • Rabies

  • If it is your pet's first stay at our kennel, we ask that you download the following three documents, fill them out and bring them with you on your first visit if you can. If not, we can fill them in when you arrive the first night. But if you want to save some time, feel free to fill them out in advance and bring them along with your pet's proof of vaccinations.


    Document 1: Pet Identifcation Sheet
    Document 2: Client Entry Sheet
    Document 3: Liability/Emergency Contract
    Document 4: Services Descriptions

    *Please also make a photocopy of the latest vaccinations so we can include it in your file.

    Booking Policy

    Any bookings during Christmas and New Years require a 50% non refundable deposit based on your final boarding cost (not including walks or play areas).

    Since our average booking over the Holiday Season is 7 days or more, clients who request a booking that is less than 7 days will be put on our waiting list. However, a client may confirm a booking over the holidays if they agree to pay the 7 night minimum (ie; even if you book for 4 nights, you will assume the cost for a 7 night stay).

    Also, any booking from June 1 to August 31 that is 5 days or more requires a 50% non refundable deposit to confirm the booking .

    The 50% deposit must be received a minimum of two weeks before your arrival date. Payment can be made by E-transfer, cheque or cash.

    During these periods if you pickup early, you will still assume the cost for the initial date of pickup you had previously booked (example if you scheduled until a Friday but you pickup on a Tuesday, you still need to pay for boarding until Friday.




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