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Doggy Daycare

Destiny Kennels is excited to announce that we are ready and finally opening the doors to our Doggy Daycare!

The Doggy Daycare is the perfect solution for those of us who have a busy lifestyle but still want to have the wonderful companionship of a dog.

Doggy Daycare was created (but not limited) to clients who:

- Work long hours throughout the day and want their pets to have more companionship throughout the day

- Are trying to train their new puppies and need more supervision and activity while they are at work.

- Are having an “open house” or guests over which might require a “doggy free” environment for the day.

There are many reasons and many different solutions we can provide.

The Doggy Daycare is based on a first come first serve basis and by a selective process. Unfortunately, not everyone might be a good fit for the criteria.

Destiny Kennels will not be operating Doggy Daycare between the periods of June 15 – September 1st, December 15 – January 15 and select Holiday weekends (to be determined).


Who is a “good fit” for the Doggy Daycare:

  • Someone who has a consistent weekly schedule...

  • Can drop off between 6:30-9AM and pickup between 3:30PM-6PM

  • Clients who can commit to at least 3 days per week

  • Are comfortable with the independence of a “hassle free” pickup and dropoff option

  • Note these are guidelines only but we will look at each case individually

  • Price List (4-5 days/week) (price includes playtime)

    1 dog, 1 enclosure       10.00/day
    2 dogs, 1 enclosure     14.00/day
    2 dogs, 2 enclosures    18.00/day

    Price List (1-3 days/week) (price includes playtime)

    1 dog, 1 enclosure       12.00/day
    2 dogs, 1 enclosure     16.00/day
    2 dogs, 2 enclosures    20.00/day

    How The Doggy Daycare Works


    Orientation (first time)

    We will provide an information sheet on everything you should know about our service.

    We will obtain the necessary information on your pet and all the details regarding shots, paperwork, feed schedule and playtime options as well as the suggested dropoff and pickup times.

    We will confirm on payment options and schedule.

    Weekly Schedule

    1st day – We will meet you on the 1st day of the week to make sure everything is settled and for any updates and for payment for the week (or as long as you wish to pay for).

    We will then assign your pet(s) an enclosure for the week. It will be prepared each day for your pet and we will have all the details on file.

    Throughout the week, you can dropoff and pickup as you please (so long as they fall within the range previously discussed)

    Last day (pickup day): if you want, we can meet you for an update. However if you are busy, you can simply pickup your dog(s) and head home.


    Questions, Requests and Bookings:

    If you have more questions or request or would like to make a booking please feel free to contact us by email:

    Doggy Daycare email
    Subject: "Doggy Daycare Info"


    Important Note:

    The Doggy Daycare hours for pickup and dropoff do not apply to regular dog boarding. The Doggy Daycare is a more independent service that does not require face to face interaction everyday. Thanks for your understanding.





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